Amsterdam Escort

170 cm
56 kg
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Natalia is a babe that has the body that most ladies only dream of. She is slim and charming, with an angelic voice and smile. She can be a breath of fresh air in your life and bring you exactly what you wanted from a companion. Natalia is never pushy, although she likes to dominate in bed and have her way with men, but, if you want, she can sweet and with a bubbly personality. She dreams of becoming a lawyer, she only needs to finish her last year at the university. This accomplished young woman is all that you need in order to have one of the best dates ever. Get on the telephone and ask one of our assistants to send Natalia to your hotel room. You don't have to wait very long, she'll arrive at your location in just a few minutes, depending where you live in Amsterdam. If you live in the suburbs then please understand that it will take a little bit more but we will make it happen. Where ever you are, she will get to you. Natalia has an insatiable desire and talent to please men so she will be so happy to meet you.

Model Natalia

This babe is not shy about her sexuality and she likes to show off her see through dress and panties (which sometimes she doesn't even wear). She's a bright, charming and polite girl, with lots to offer on meetings and in bed. If you are seeking to have an adventure with a model that you have never met, then Natalia is perfect for you. She is one of our greatest escorts and we are very proud of her. She is a very playful and pleasurable companion that likes to full around and experience new things. Treat yourself to a breath taking and unforgettable time with this enchanting mistress. She was raised near the sea and she can swim very well. That is why she loves the water, the sun and the beach. One of her secret pleasures is running naked into the waves and making love in the ocean. She will sometimes take her top off to make men go crazy, Natalia loves to attract attention and be naughty. Would you like to take pictures with her and show them to your friends? Then call our hotline now.