Amsterdam Escort

173 cm
54 kg
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Bored and with a huge appetite for someone to give me exotic pleasure, I left my hotel room looking for an escort through Amsterdam. I went to the Red Light District and I came across one of the most amazing looking girl. Brown-red hair, brown eyes, not too tall and a great body. She winked at me and I melted. I wanted to spend the whole day with her and she agreed, so I took her back to my hotel room. On the way over we talked for a little bit and I found out that she is very intelligent, kind and with an angelic voice. I must say that she is flawless and with a body that can pass as a professional model. She was ideal for me. We had a wonderful night, I exploded with pleasure for at least four times, if you know what I mean. I will never forget her wet kisses all over my body. I was overwhelmed and the moments passed so fast. What can I say, time flies by when you're having fun. The atmosphere was hot and intense. You can ask her whatever you want, tell her what you like and she will perform for you.

Model Claudia

After we were finished we both lit a couple of cigarettes and started socializing. I have never felt so good in my life and I can only thank Claudia. If you want you can cuddle with her for several minutes, she won't mind, in fact she will like it. She is the ultimate girlfriend experience. She's one of a kind and I definitely recommend ordering her, even if it's only for one hour. That's enough for a truly stunning experience. From what I have learned, she likes for you to be gentle and not to be rude around her. She doesn't like bullies, she is turned off by them. If you will approach her with soft words, sincere and tell her the truth, then she will feel safe beside you and show you what she knows best. When it was time to leave, she left me all the details and her profile web page. The pictures are real, but in real life she looks better. I am sure that I will give a call again when I'm in Amsterdam. I can't wait for another meeting as she is now stuck in my mind. Can't thank you enough, Claudia, hope to see you real soon! I will always be your biggest fan.