Amsterdam Escort

Escort Adriana

172 cm
55 kg
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Hello, my name is Adriana and I am the blonde you have been waiting for all your life. I have brown eyes and I am a fitness professor at a high school in Amsterdam. I can speak English and Dutch fluently and I love jogging. My body is athletic and I have lots of energy when it comes to party and fool around. Sometimes I get lonely but this doesn't matter because I know that you will come and take me away on a journey that we will not forget. Come to Netherlands and let's have a meeting. I will prepare myself for you and I am sure that I'll make a good impression. I will dress up and arrive at your hotel room with a tiny and sexy outfit so I can take your breath away. You won't regret spending time with me and I am sure that we will have lots of fun. So come on, let's have an adventure that will be unforgettable. I am a professional escort and I know how to present myself around men. I can do lots of things that you have never heard or seen before. If this is your first time, don't worry, I will be gentle and maybe I can even teach you a few things. So let me be your teacher for the night.

Model Adriana

Call me right now on this phone number 0031 0685429345 and you won't regret it. I will even make you a little surprise when I'll show up at your location. I can't wait for us to meet and spend some quality moments together. Let me be your escort through Amsterdam and show you all the things that this wonderful city has to offer. We can go and have a drink at a pub or go to a club and dance. There is nothing I won't do for you. I want you to touch my body and feel my heart race with emotions. I would love for you to take me away to an enchanting location and undergo some crazy hours. My price is very affordable and it's definitely worth booking me for one hour or maybe for the whole day. I am sure that I'll make your dreams come true. You can even get to see me in my lingerie. I have something amazing installed for you, so don't wait, call me so we can have a beautiful fantasy, just the both of us! I am shivering with anticipation. I know that you desire me besides you.